Fund PELC (Programs of Ecology, Life science news and Culture) (Russia, Moscow)
Institute of biological medicine (Russia, Moscow)
Leading medical systems Ltd. (Russia, Moscow)
Moscow branch of International Academy of Integrations a Science and Business (Russia, Moscow)

Minsker E.I., doctor of medical sciences  
Zlochevsky P.M., doctor of medical sciences 
Gromov A.N., doctor of medical sciences, professor  
Kopyak V.A., Leading medical systems Ltd., general director  
Sukhikh G.T., Institute of biological medicine, general director, member-corry. RAMN 
Kozirev V.N., main psychiatrist of Moscow  
Smulevich A.B., member-corry. RAMN 
Poltavtseva R.A., candidate of medical sciences 
Rashba T.I., PhD student IZMIRAN, web-master 
Sidorenko E.F., International public fund on liquidations of consequences of damages and exceeding situations, vice president  
Kaganovich V.A., auditor  
Mesenzhnik Ya.Z., International Academy of Integrations a Science and Business (IAISB), 1st vice president; presindent of Moscow Branch IAISB  
Nikitin V.A., Institute of Cell Biophysics RAS, senior researcher  
Ernst L.K., Russia Academy rural-economic sciences, vice president  
Kal'nitsky B.D., doctor of biological sciences, professor 
Sitnikov V.F., doctor of medical sciences, professor 
Rahmanin Yu.A., Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, vice president, academician RAMN
Bolonkin A.A., doctor of technical sciences, professor, senior scientific employee NASA 
Dr.Leonid Stonov, international director of UCSJ 
Ilya Stein, international coordinator
Isakova Anna, physician, journalist 
álexander Godovitch, M.D., Ph.D - Aviv Medical Group
This program is realized as a project of the Moscow branch of the International Academy of Integrations a Science and Business (Moscow branch's president,
Mesenzhnik Ya.Z., Full Prof., doctor of medical sciences, doctor of biological sciences, doctor of physics and mathematics sciences, Grand PhD).


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